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  1. On 27th of May Fosca Giannotti talks about tools for Open and responsible Data Science @ Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy at the Workshop "..

  2. We work for a technological advancement that puts human beings with their rights and values at the center: a technology that guarantees respect for privacy and ensures the use of transparent and non-discriminatory algorithms...

  3. It is a pleasure to announce that 4 researchers of SoBigData, Marlon Dumas, Dirk Helbing, Aris Gionis and Fosca Giannotti have been awarded ERC Advanced In..

  4. The functioning of many socio-technical systems depends on the ability of its subcomponents or nodes to communicate or interact via its connections, but high connectivity may imply problems...

  5. A wide representation of SoBigData and KDDLab is in the AMiner list of the most influential scholars 2018 for their outstanding and vibrant contributions to the field of Data Mining..

  6. In this 2019 International Women's Day, Fosca Giannotti, the coordinator of SoBigData, has been chosen by KDnuggets as one of the ..

  7. ERCIM News No. 116 has just been published at