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  1. MicroStrategy Sport Analytics 2018

  2. Marta Sabou, Information & Software Engineering Group, Technische Universität Wien  ..

  3. NLP APPROACHES TO RHETORIC AND RESONANCE IN BREXIT TWEETS Yin Yin Lu, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford..

  4. After about eight years of algorithm design, software development and tuning, and large experimental tests I wish to share in this post the news about the public availability of a robust API offering some powerful entity-linking functionalities wh..

  5. University of Pisa, CNR and FC Barcelona have created an algorithm able to predict more than 50% of the muscular injuries of a professional football team...

  6. Dino Pedreschi's article on the most important Italian business daily newspaper Sole24ore talks about #AI, #BlackBoxes and the right to #Explanation #explainableAI #ethics #humanAI...