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  1. Better Life Index (BLI), the measure of well-being proposed by the OECD, contains many metrics, which enable it to include a detailed overview of the social, economic, and environmental performances of different countries...

  2. Inspired by the 72h Hours of Science event, the workshop Complexity72h - organized and hosted by the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca - was an interdisciplinary event whose aim was to bring together young researcher..

  3. 11th GATE Training Course: Large Scale Text and Social Media Analytics with GATE By Genevieve Gorrell..

  4. A blog article has been published on Sage Ocean Publications about the research on Digital DNA done by Stefa..

  5. An article published on the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera tells about the work that some universities and research centres are doing to create tools that allow those who work with data and citizens to be more aware of the new Euro..