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  1. Dino Pedreschi's article on the most important Italian business daily newspaper Sole24ore talks about #AI, #BlackBoxes and the right to #Explanation #explainableAI #ethics #humanAI...

  2. Better Life Index (BLI), the measure of well-being proposed by the OECD, contains many metrics, which enable it to include a detailed overview of the social, economic, and environmental performances of different countries...

  3. Inspired by the 72h Hours of Science event, the workshop Complexity72h - organized and hosted by the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca - was an interdisciplinary event whose aim was to bring together young researcher..

  4. 11th GATE Training Course: Large Scale Text and Social Media Analytics with GATE By Genevieve Gorrell..

  5. A blog article has been published on Sage Ocean Publications about the research on Digital DNA done by Stefa..