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  1. By Kiran Garimella and Michael Mathioudakis This article has been originally published on

  2. Big Data can be useful also in navigation. We interviewed Alessandro Dedominicis, Big Data Director at Navionics...

  3. Clustering Individual Transactional Data for Masses of Users

    Mining a large number of datasets recording human activities for making sense of individual data is the key enabler of a new wave of personalized knowledge-based services...

  4. The SoBigData webdoc “Demal Te Niew” on return migration between Italy and Senegal has now been translated in Spanish and published on El Pais (you can find it ..

  5. The increasing interest on data science from both the academic and industrial worlds led to the creation of a brand new Ph.D...

  6. The SoBigData paper on “Returners and explorers dichotomy in human mobility” has just been published on an interdisciplinary collection of recent research on complex syst..

  7. Data Driven Life Workshop

    At the Data Driven Life Workshop organized by the European Data Protection Supervisor, Dirk Helbing and Dino Pedreschi have been invited as panelists and Jeroen v..