There is an increasing interest in the scientific community in deriving eXplainable AI (XAI) methods able to unveil the decision process of AI based on black box models. ABELE overtakes state of the art methods by providing relevant, coherent, stable and faithful explanations.

Exploratory: Social Impact of AI and Explainable ML..

With this project, the Observatory for Audiovisual Contents team aims to complete a research work of more than 4 years, generating the greatest strategy of detecting online hate speech against refugees and migrants in Spanish, Italian and Greek
The result of the project will be an online tool based on the intensive and parallel computation of data in a supercomputing infrastructure through which it will be possible to detect, verify, analyse and visualize online hate speech in Spanish against migrants and refugees, among other groups.
As scientists we certainly have the duty to highlight the problem for the sake of science and progress, and to search for possible solutions to it, such as starting to build and use not-biased datasets.

WP2: Responsible Data Science Recently, there was a case that brought up - once again - the issue of bias in machine learning algorithms...

Have you ever imagined a global database of society easily accessible and open for real time research?

Exploratory: Demography, Economy and Finance 2.0  ..

Only by having frequent well-being estimations, policy-makers can timely react on applying the right policies to prevent detrimental societal effects and contribute to societal progress

What is well-being, and how can we measure it? This complex question has fascinated philosophers and thinkers since ancient times...

03/07/2020 SoBigData Webinar - Epidemics and city: how mobility and well-being changed with COVID-19

How did the COVID-19 epidemics change our mobility habits, and how did it impact on people’s well-being and on the virus transmissibility?..

We advocate the conceptual advantage of a decentralized approach, where both contact and location data are collected exclusively in individual citizens' "personal data stores"

A need for new technological tools has emerged during the current Sars-Cov-2 pandemic...

Migration can also be considered as a temporary phenomenon. Since return migration is increasing in several countries, it has been extensively investigated wrt different aspects, such as decreasing violence

Human migration is a constant phenomenon in human history, and its study involves numerous research fields. To date, data not typically used for studying migration are increasingly available...

Attention should be more explored to have useful insight on the model decisions

Sentiment Analysis is a sub-field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that, combining tools and techniques from Linguistics and Computer Science, aims at systematically identifying, extracting, and studying emotional states and personal opinion i..

What are the differences between women’s and men's football?

Women's football took its first steps since the early twentieth-century. Unfortunately, the ostracism from the English Football Association drastically slowed down its development, which experienced a long period of stagnation...

Self-Adaptive Trajectory Segmentation..

The rapid dynamics of COVID-19 calls for quick and effective tracking of virus transmission chains and early detection of outbreaks, especially in the phase 2 of the pandemic, when lockdown and other restriction measures are progressively withdraw..

AI Breakfasts: Covid-19 - Myths and realities of tracking applications

The Council of Europe and the University of Strasbourg organised the 5th edition of the "AI Breakfast" in the form of a webinar on 16 April 2020...

Alex Bravo Serrano TNA's experience in GATE, Sheffield, UK..