Sports Data Science

This exploratory tells stories about sports analytics. Sports data scientists describe performances by means of data, statistics and models. This allows coaches, fans and practitioners to better understand and boost sports performance.

Unveiling the patterns of success in sports

The proliferation of new sensing technologies that provide high-fidelity data streams extracted from every game is changing rapidly the way scientists, fans and practitioners conceive sports performance. By combining these (big) data with the powerful tools of data science and AI, we have now the possibility to unveil the great complexity underlying sports performance and perform many challenging tasks: from automatic tactical analysis to data-driven performance ranking, game outcome prediction and injury forecasting. Our data scientists in Pisa are using massive data describing several sports – especially soccer, cycling and rugby – to construct interpretable and easy-to-use tool for sports coaches and managers. Our studies open an interesting perspective on how to understand the factors influencing sports success and how to build simulation tools for boosting both individual and collective performance.

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