Well-being & Economy

Can Big Data help us to understand relationships between economy and daily life habits? Has there been a significant variation in price in the last few years? How does poverty affect people sociability? We investigates the changes in people’s and companies behavior after the economic crisis and their correlation. We also study the measurement of the real cost of life by studying the price variation. We try to correlate people well-being with their social and mobility data, discovering that they change in poor areas. This approach can potentially lead to development of effective policies in order to reduce internal and external risks of the companies, leading to a systematic improvement of well-being.

Integrated Business and Economics

What is the best composition of a company board? Does the gender distribution of employees influence the company success? Does the presence of a good company influence people that live in a certain territory? In this story we want to understand the relationship between the distribution of gender and age in boards of companies and the improved credit risk management. We try to find out if the differences lead an advantage. Our aim is also to create wellness indexes in order to study the effects of the presence of a successful company on people that live near it.

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