Complexity72h: a workshop @ IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy)

Inspired by the 72h Hours of Science event, the workshop Complexity72h - organized and hosted by the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca - was an interdisciplinary event whose aim was to bring together young researchers from different fields of complex systems. Participants - from different stages of their career, i.e. Master students, PhD students and postdocs, and disciplines as different as physics, mathematics, economics and engineering - formed working groups aimed at carrying out a project in a three-day time, i.e. 72 hours. The goal of each group was to upload on the arXiv public repository a report of their work by the end of the event. 
Research topics were proposed by a team of tutors (Cimini, Gili, Poletto, Saracco, Tessone), who also assisted the groups in developing their projects. Proposals ranged from link-prediction to network sensitivity on systemic risk.
Alongside teamwork, participants also attended lectures from scientists coming from different fields of complex systems. The lecturers - shown in the pictures below - were Guido Caldarelli, Fosca Giannotti, Chiara Poletto, Claudio Tessone, talking about topics as diverse as financial networks reconstruction, city mobility analysis, epidemic spreading on networks and the blockchain technology.
The reports uploaded on arXiv are the following ones:
Altered modularity and disproportional integration in functional networks are markers of abnormal brain organization in schizophrenia,, Cinelli, Echegoyen, Oliveira, Orellana, Gili;
Dynamics of new strain emergence on a temporal network,, Chakraborty, Hoffmann, Leguia, Nolet, Ortiz, Prunas, Zavojanni, Valdano, Poletto;
Maximum entropy approach to link prediction in bipartite networks,, Baltakiene, Baltakys, Cardamone, Parisi, Radicioni, Torricelli, van Lidth de Jeude, Saracco;
Network-based indicators of Bitcoin bubbles,, Bovet, Campajola, Lazo, Mottes, Pozzana, Restocchi, Saggese, Vallarano, Squartini, Tessone;
Network sensitivity on systemic risk,, Di Gangi, Lo Sardo, Macchiati, Minh, Pinotti, Ramadiah, Wilinski, Cimini.
More information on the event can be found at the following addresses

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