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The Tuscan Big Data Challenge is a free opportunity for all the Tuscan companies that want to explore how big data could help their business.

Every day companies produce a lot of data through electronic devices, technological equipment and sensor networks. For example, each time a machine is running its internal computer records the consumption, the productivity and the interactions with the other machines. By analysing this data you can improve machine efficiency, you can predict failures and reduce the number of defective pieces.
Many companies don't know that their online presence - through the company website and social networks - produces many data which, if properly collected and analyzed, can be useful to predict new markets and be more competitive.
For example, in Italy in the fashion industry there are many big companies that understand what people are talking about and anticipate new trends. Through the analysis of these data, companies manage the production and the targeted marketing. Also the analysis of the data of competitors and suppliers can help you to be more competitive.

The goal of the Tuscan Data Challenge is to give the opportunity to all the Tuscan companies to enter into the world of Big Data, including also small and medium size companies, which usually do not use data.

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