Publish Call for Proposal: 
Tuesday 15 June 2021 8:30 CEST
Submission deadline: 
Sunday 31 July 2022 23:00 CEST
Applicant Notification: 
within 2 months of submission
Visits period: 
1 September 2021 / 31 July 2022
The SoBigData++ project invites researchers and professionals to apply to participate in Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) to carry forward their own big data projects. These opportunities are offered as part of SoBigData++'s Transnational Access (TNA) activities and applications can be submitted at any time. 

You should submit your project application by the end of each calendar month to

We welcome applications from individuals with a scientific interest, professionals, startups and innovators that may benefit from training in data science and social media analytics. In order to apply you have to fill the Project Application Form.
Applications will be reviewed within 2 months of submission, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. (Please note all applications received between 15 July 2021 and 31 August will not be processed until after 1 September 2021). Each application will be assessed not only on its scientific merit but will take into consideration the current Covid-19 regulations of both the visitor’s departure country as well as the destination country. Please plan your visit to start at least 4 months from the end of the month when you submitted your application and expect some adjustments to your planned dates to take into account Covid-19 travel restrictions which are outside of our control.
Travel, international, national and local restrictions due to Covid-19 are beyond the control of either the project or the visitor and as such we would ask that you are flexible and understanding of unexpected and fast changing situations. All regulations that the welcoming infrastructure put in place are for your safety and the safety of others and must be adhered to. We will continue to monitor the situation constantly and will adapt and be flexible where we can.   
Please be aware SoBigData++ can only fund the visit at the agreed rate for the agreed placement dates and will not cover any incurred expenses during periods of imposed quarantine or other travel or working restrictions placed on the visitor (in either the departure or arrival country) as a result of Covid-19. Please factor this information into your plans and be prepared for re-scheduling of your TNA visit, should sudden changes in local, national and international policies make this necessary.   
Please note Covid-19 tests will not be paid for by SoBigData++.
Under no circumstances should you book or plan to start your visit without an email confirming your application has been successful, that an ethical approval has been granted and a contract has been signed.
Funding for a short-term scientific mission (3 weeks to 2 months) is available up to 5000 euros per participant (to cover the cost of daily subsistence, accommodation, and economy flights/train).
STSM bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, according to the procedure described in the application pack and eligibility criteria below, and based upon the quality of the applicant, the scientific merit of the proposed project, and their personal statement. 
Success rates from previous calls have been very high (65-75%). Applications from female scientists are particularly encouraged. 
Visitors are welcome subject to the host country’s and host institution’s Covid-19 regulations. We will consider offering up to a 6 month postponement of an accepted application if travel restrictions are imposed due to Covid-19.
Pre-requisites for projects to carry out hosted research:
  • Good understanding of social data and, ideally, track record of prior social data analysis projects
  • Experience with using at least one of machine learning, natural language processing, and/or complex networks algorithms 
Pre-requisites for projects to integrate new tools/datasets/services:
  • An already existing open-source tool for social media mining to be integrated


  • An already created openly licensed dataset of relevance to SoBigData++, that can be integrated within the infrastructure.
Please, note that the user group leader and the majority of the users must work in a country other than the country(ies) where the installation is located. This rule does not apply:
  • If the applicant is from an International organisation, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), an ERIC or similar legal entities; 
  • in case of remote access to a set of installations located in different countries offering the same type of service
The goal is to provide researchers and professionals with access to big data computing platforms, big social data resources, and cutting-edge computational methods. STSM visitors will be able to:
  • Interact with the local experts
  • Discuss research questions
  • Run experiments on non-public big social datasets and algorithms
  • Present results at workshops/seminars
The STSM visits will enable multi-disciplinary social mining experiments with the SoBigData++ Research Infrastructure assets: big data sets, analytical tools, services and skills.
Description of the TNA offered
The SoBigData++ RI manages vertical, thematic environments, called exploratories, on top of the SoBigData++ infrastructures, for performing cross-disciplinary social mining research. The Transnational Activities offered in this call will be for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM), between 3 weeks and 2 months.
Under this call, there will be two kinds of proposals funded: STSM research proposals and STSM tool/data integration proposals. Each kind is described in more details next.
Each STSM research proposal needs to be aligned with one of the following exploratories and also specify which of the centres listed above they wish to access:
Each STSM integration proposal can focus on the integration of already existing open source tools for social media mining or social datasets within the SoBigData++ infrastructure as a whole or via integration within one of the national facilities listed above. Applications focused on interoperability and integration with other European Research Infrastructures are also strongly encouraged. Applicants for integration proposals are strongly encouraged to contact informally their target host institution, to discuss and ensure technical feasibility of the proposal prior to submitting the application. 

Applications are invited at the following centres (infrastructures):, USFD, United Kingdom
Thematic Cluster:  Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Web Analytics (WA)
Contact: Kalina Bontcheva
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom, CNR, UNIPI, IMT, SNS, UNIROMA, Italy:
Thematic Cluster: Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA), Web Analytics (WA), Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET)
Contact CNR: Roberto Trasarti 
Contact SNS: Fabrizio Lillo
Contact UNIPI: Anna Monreale
Contact IMT: Angelo Facchini
Contact UNIROMA: Aris Anagnostopoulos
Locations: Pisa, Lucca, Rome, Italy, UT, Estonia:
Thematic Cluster: Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Social Network Analysis (SNA),  Web Analytics (WA)
Contact: Rajesh Sharma
Location: Tartu, Estonia, LUH, Germany:
Thematic Cluster: Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM),  Web Analytics (WA)
Contact: Avishek Anand
Location: Hannover, Germany, AALTO, Finland:
Thematic Cluster:  Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA)
Contact: Kimmo Kasky
Location: Aalto, FInland, ETH Zurich, Switzerland:
Thematic Cluster:  Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Social Network Analysis (SNA),  Web Analytics (WA)
Contact: Nino Antulov-Fantulin
Location: Zurich, Switzerland, PSE Paris, France:
Thematic Cluster:  Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA)
Contact: Hillel Rapoport
Location: Paris, France, URV, BSC, UPF, Spain:
Thematic Cluster: Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA), Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET)
Contact URV: Jesus Manjon 
Contact BSC: Dario Garcia
Contact UPF: Carlos Castillo
Location: Barcelona, Tarragona, Spain, KTH, Sweden:
Thematic Cluster: Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA)
Contact: Aristides Gionis
Location: Stockholm, Sweden, UvA, Amsterdam:
Thematic Cluster: Visual Analytics (VA) 
Contact: Richard Rogers
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands, CEU, Austria:
Thematic Cluster: Text and Social Media Mining (TSMM), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Human Mobility Analytics (HMA)
Contact: Janos Kertesz
Location: Vienna, Austria

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