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SoBigData Event

AI & Society Roundtable

The roundtable is designed as a collective intelligence exercise towards shaping the research questions of Social AI, driven by societal challenges. It is implemented through a structured conversation among inter-disciplinary scientists, looking at the relationship between AI and society from multiple perspectives.
For human-AI scientists and social scientists, the challenge is how to achieve a better understanding of how AI technologies could support or affect emerging social challenges, and how to design human-centered AI ecosystems that help mitigate harms and foster beneficial outcomes oriented at the social good.
We have a fantastic line-up of fire-starting speakers:
  • Alex 'Sandy' Pentland (MIT Media Lab), one of the most-cited  computational scientists in the world,
  • Laura Sartori (Univ. Bologna) a sociologist focusing on the social and political implications of AI
  • Stuart Russell (UC Berkeley), the author of the  book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" that is the standard text in AI, used in 1500 universities in 135 countries
  • Mona Sloane (NYU Center for Responsible AI)a sociologist working on design and inequality, specifically in the context of AI design and policy. 


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