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SoBigData Event

CryBT: Crypto and Incentive-based Mechanisms for Blockchain Technology

This PhD course titled "Crypto and Incentive-based Mechanisms for Blockchain Technology" aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of cryptographic tools and incentive mechanisms used in blockchain technology. The course covers topics such as the design and analysis of cryptographic protocols, game theory, and mechanism design for incentivizing behavior in blockchain networks

The Blockchain Era started with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin that Nakamoto designed by crucially and cleverly using digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions. Nowadays, mainstream blockchains and their applications strongly rely on more advanced cryptographic tools that in the past were considered of theoretical interest only.

The goal of this course is to overview the various cryptographic notions that have played a key role in the success of blockchains and their applications.

The action CryBT was organized as part of the activities to train and attract new users and expand the communities of the research infrastructure ( The course provides training on topics that concern cyber security and the compatibility of blockchain-based applications both economically and socially.

The course will include presentations and talks relevant to the and initiatives.