From people-centric computing and networking to Internet of People

SMARTCOMP 2018, 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing, Sicily, Italy

In this talk, Marco Conti discusses how the convergence of the cyber and physical world, and the tighter interactions between human users and their personal mobile devices, which are their proxies in the cyber world, are driving to the emergence of people-centric computing and networking paradigms, in which the human behaviour (e.g., the human social organization) becomes a key factor in the design of computing and networking protocols. The current Internet paradigm, which is infrastructure-centric, is not the right one to cope with such emerging scenario. This calls for a radically new Internet paradigm, that we name the Internet of People (IoP), where the humans and their personal devices are not seen merely as end users, but become active elements of the Internet. IoP is not a replacement of the current Internet infrastructure, but it exploits the legacy Internet services to achieve end-to-end connectivity on a global-scale. We discuss the key features of the IoP paradigm along with the underlying research issues and challenges.