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Pinkamp - Le ragazze contano!

PinKamP is structured as a 2-weeks intensive summer camp on Computer Science, Information Engineering and Mathematics, conceived for high schools’ girls (16-17 years old) and built around selected example technological platforms and related STEM/DS subjects integrated within a hands-on project-based approach. 

The initiative is designed with the twofold objective of 

  1. guiding young girls towards STEM/DS careers and closing the gender gap and 
  2. developing effective and attractive gender-friendly teaching methods. 

The designed format includes plenary theoretical lectures (during the first week, online on MS Teams), team-project based parallel laboratories and development of soft skills (during the second week, in presence), along with conferences, social debates on women’ rights, discussions on gender bias in data, meetings with successful women in scientific/professional fields, and a final contest. After a pilot simplified edition in 2018, PinKamP is now a consolidated program implementing the conceived format with some variations depending on the social conditions (2019 in presence, 2020 and 2021 online, 2022 hybrid) and on the selected technological platforms. 

The 2023 and the 2024 editions will continue the successful hybrid format validated in the 2022 edition and will be built upon a Data Science ground as a common base for the selected technological platforms.