Well-being & Economy workshop @ Lipari Summer School

Hotel Giardino sul Mare, Via Maddalena, Lipari, Italy
Well-being&Economy workshop
Big Data, the masses of digital breadcrumbs produced by the information technologies that humans use in their daily activities, allow us to scrutinize individual and collective behavior at an unprecedented scale, detail, and speed. Building on this opportunity we have the potential capability of creating a digital nervous system of our society, enabling the measurement, monitoring and prediction of relevant aspects of the socio-economic structure in quasi real time. An intriguing question is whether and how measurements made on Big Data can yield high-fidelity proxies of socio-economic development and well-being. Can we monitor and possibly predict the socio-economic development of our societies just by observing human behavior through the lens of Big Data? In this workshop we address this topic from different perspectives, presenting part of the work that has been developed within the SoBigData European infrastructure.