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Coordinated behaviour, cultural experiences and culinary delights: a TNA visit in Pisa

Over the last eight weeks, from January 15th to March 9th 2024, I had the great pleasure of visiting Pisa as a guest at the esteemed National Research Council (CNR), hosted by Dr. Maurizio Tesconi and his team at the Cyber Intelligence Lab. There, I closely collaborated with members of the lab, including Lorenzo Mannocci, Serena Tardelli and Stefano Cresci, on integrating multilayer network methodologies for identifying coordinated behaviour in social networks.

I also had the pleasure of acquainting myself to the rest of the lab members, sharing interesting discussions and benefitting from their recommendations on activities and attractions to visit while in town. Furthermore, I had the opportunity of engaging in fruitful discussions and exchanging research ideas with colleagues at the University of Pisa, as part of the Colorful Seminar series .

This venture marked my first visit to both Italy and Pisa. I delighted in leisurely strolls across the picturesque Piazza dei Miracoli, the historic city walls and the city center, while I also experienced first-hand the vibrant night life the city offers, playing board games with other students, and even having an impromptu singing session over a piano in one of the local pubs. 

After recommendations from my colleagues, my weekends also included excursions to neighbouring cities, among others, the cultural hub of Florence, the historic Lucca, and Viareggio for its fantastic carnival.  


Of course, I would be remiss not to mention the unforgettable gastronomic journey; no trip to Italy would be complete without indulging in the local delicacies. I found myself trying out multiple delightful pasta and pizza dishes- and of course, some authentic gelato.  

Overall, my TNA visit to Pisa was quite the remarkable experience, both professionally with fruitful collaborations and idea exchanges, and personally, with unforgettable cultural, culinary and leisurely moments. I would like to extend my gratitude again to the members of Cyber Intelligence Lab for graciously hosting me, along with the many colleagues I had the pleasure of meeting there. I also want to extend my thanks to the SoBigData++ infrastructure for their support, and making this visit possible. 

Looking forward to returning to Pisa soon!