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SoBigData Event

Exploring the Future of Social Mining Analytics with the Cloud Computing Engine

The SoBigData RI is excited to announce a 90-minute webinar aiming at unveiling the Cloud Computing Engine (CCP), the next evolution of our Social Mining Analytics Engine (SMAE). This webinar is targeted to researchers, data scientists, developers, and anyone interested in the integration and execution of data analytics methods in the SoBigData Infrastructure. 

About CCP service

The Cloud Computing Platform (CCP) is a pioneering service that represents a significant leap forward from the current Social Mining Analytics Engine. CCP embodies the latest advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), emphasizing the widespread adoption of microservice development patterns, which have greatly enhanced software interoperability and composability.

Key Features of CCP

  • Method importer tool and Method lifecycle tracking, for making Method integrations easy and to keep a history of the important events related to a Method (creation, executions, sharing, updating);
  • Method Executions Monitor: for the execution tracking with real time streaming of standard output and error logs produced by method executions. Extra functionality like execution archiving, restoring or resubmit, automatic code generation (Python, JPython for Jupyter, R, Julia) for programmatic resubmission of executions;
  • Method Containerisation: for a lightweight alternative to traditional virtualisation, streamlining the packaging and provisioning of software;
  • Web Components and Micro Frontends: for the benefits of service orientation to the graphical user interface (GUI), enhancing user experience;
  • REST APIs: for building Web Services, enabling seamless interaction between different software components.

Webinar Objectives

Participants will gain insights into:

  • The evolution of SoBigData's analytics capabilities through CCP;
  • The benefits of integrating methods by means of containerisation, and cloud-native approaches for data analytics;
  • Practical demonstrations of CCP capabilities in enhancing social mining analytics projects;
  • How CCP leverages the latest programming languages and technologies to meet the new requirements of data analytics;

Who Should Attend?

  • Data scientists and Researchers looking to leverage advanced analytics tools;
  • Academics and Students keen on understanding the latest trends in data analytics and cloud computing;
  • Developers interested in microservices, containerisation, and cloud-native technologies.