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Our Exploratories, as we call the SoBigData peculiar research topics, offer a wide range of solutions for both industry and public companies.

Crypto Value, Peace Index, Poverty and Census indicators from big data

Demography, Economy and Finance 2.0

This research sector enables private companies and public bodies to analyze the complexity of society based on demographic and economic social data. The solutions proposed by SoBigData  involve a vast area of applications starting from extracting peace indexes, analyzing the diffusion of cryptovalues, or defining census indicators from big data.

Predicting flow analysis, Braindrain, Policy making support

Migration Studies

SoBigData techniques to understand and model human migrations at the macroscopic level may help public bodies in predicting flows and efficiently applying strategies to manage them. Moreover, this sector includes social behavior analysis to evaluate the visitors' sociocultural integration. This section embraces the analysis of various types of human migration with their peculiarities and specificities. In fact, the migration flows include  not only the movement of people escaping from a poor situation or a country involved in wars, but also, for example,  the movement of researchers from one country to another (i.e., brain drain effect).

genoma-drugs interaction, disease and pathologies predictors, personalized medicine

Network Medicine

This research sector allows the creation of new indexes and measures to better quantify the risks, in specific groups of patients, of pathologies. The methods stratify patients to discover disease predictors and model genomes-drugs interactions using network techniques. This sector is key for the future personalized medicine.

Algorithmic Bias Identification, Model explainability, Human and Machine Interaction

Social Impact of AI and explainable ML

AI services are becoming pervasive in our interconnected society. This research sector is conceived to guarantee and improve the interaction between humans and machines, making understandable the decisions behind AI applications. We propose solutions for model-bias identification, and AI model explanation.

Company Reputation, online speech, voting, entity recognition

Societal Debates and Misinformation

The use of text data from online resources enables the possibility of studying a company's reputation, analyzing online speech, and helping in predicting voting results.  Text data can provide invaluable insights into a company or an institution by capturing public sentiment about its business or activity.  Furthermore, it is possible to get entity identification and entity extraction for seeking, locating, and classifying entities mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined categories.

Training indicators, Injury and Performance predictors

Sports Data Science

This sector enables the possibility of analyzing data collected from sensors in a sports environment to construct performance indicators, predict injuries based on athletes' workload and playing time, design personalized training sessions based on physical and performance indicators, and discover patterns in the athletes' behaviors.

Smart cities, human mobility, behavior analysis, green sustainability

Sustainable Cities for Citizens

Studying and analyzing the evolution of our cities is crucial for designing a sustainable future. In this sector, the SoBigData RI has a long experience in analyzing mobile data. Our services are thought for both companies and public bodies that are interested in topics such as energy efficiency and electrificability, biodiversity, urban traffic, and advanced smart car management.